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The Intract Vision

Home for you & the next billion users to unlock the value of web3


Web3 is complex to understand, expensive to explore, and challenging to navigate. Yet, web3 offers a revolutionary landscape for everyone to unlock value by becoming early adopters of a new & digital economy.
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    Are you an early adopter struggling to find new projects to increase your chances of the $$$ drops?
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    Or a trader stuck at identifying the next 100x opportunities to invest in?
  3. 3.
    Or a newbie getting scammed on Twitter and unable to earn max yield from DeFi?
Intract : Your personal web3 navigator
Intract is building the first-ever value navigator for web3, to assist you in building a personalised exploration journey of the new web for you
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    Tells us your goals - earn $100K from drops OR learn web3 from scratch OR get 40% APY
  2. 2.
    Set your budget & time constraints - 15 mins a day OR $1K budget OR $4 in daily gas fees
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    Pick from curated web3 journeys - become early adopters of trending ecosystems OR learn about best practices for wallet safety OR define degen yield & gambling strategies
Moreover, Intract is peppered with the latest web3 alpha, daily rewards, gamified leaderboards, social networking & much more to keep it fun & interactive!
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