Partner Stories

A dossier highlighting some of our renowned partnership efforts

Intract Quests with industry veterans & leaders

  1. Linea DeFi Voyage: Trend setting exploration of DeFi opportunities on Metamask & other 80+ projects (quest link here).

  2. Polygon zkEVM Saga: ~450k users successfully minted "proof of early participation" NFT in the L2 ecosystem by Polygon Labs (announcement here).

  3. Islamic Coin Airdrop: ~100k ISLM token distributed to Intract questers from one of the largest (~400M funded) blockchain ecosystems (quest here).

  4. Trust Wallet Testers: 15k users got a sneak peak of the latest wallet release from Trust Wallet, the official crypto currency wallet of Binance (quest here).

Key Community Talks hosted by Intract for businesses

  1. L2 Ecosystem roundtable with Linea, Scroll, Mantle & others

  2. NFT Growth roundtable with Cool Cats, Nouns DAO, Worlds of Women & others

  3. DeFi marketing roundtable with GMX, KyberSwap, Carbon & others

Loved by your Favorite crypto creators

  1. Starknet quest by Leshka

  2. Web3 research tools quest by Stacy Muur

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