Product Roadmap

The long road ahead

Nov' 23

  1. Personalised early adapter guides: Get tailored recommendations around which on chain tasks to perform to become OGs in upcoming ecosystems.

  2. Earn n Burn Gem Economy: Earn loot boxes & gems via daily activity & referrals. Trade them to win lottery tickets, get access to alpha groups etc.

  3. Swaps & Bridges: Bridge & swap tokens easily on Intract through our Socket aggregator integration (live across major EVM chains)

Dec'23 onwards (a rolling list open to feedback)

  1. Alpha Feed: a single bite sized "actionable" web3 newsletter aggregating the best of crypto creators & on chain data.

  2. Quester social network: engage with your peer questers, copy their winning strategies & build your own clout.

  3. Intract Academy: a curated learning experience designed for web2 users exploring web3 communities.

  4. Enhanced Gem Economy: Open up more avenues for users to burn gems via direct gas fee payment, reward multipliers & much more.

  5. Intract Reward Store: a store for users to claim bumper token, NFT, stables & IRL rewards (gift cards, conference passes etc).

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