General FAQs

  • How to get your campaign approved and remove the red banner ? At Intract, we implement a sanity check for campaigns launched on our platform to ensure that users are presented with legitimate opportunities Our team is responsible for approving campaigns, and we have a turnaround time (TAT) of 24 hours following the launch of the campaign from the project's side

  • How to sign up on Intract ? - Go to and sign up - Go to and For Projects > Launch Projects and sign up

  • Where to find Intract logo ? - To access the Intract logo, please refer to our brand guide. You can download the logo and other brand assets from the following doc - Intract Brand Assets

  • What Is Intract Trust Badge ? How to get the Intract Trust Badge ? - Intract Trust badge is referred as the green checkmark against your community name - This acts as a form of trust and legitimacy on our platform - You can get the trust badge by being on hight levels with Intract's Credit System

  • What is the recommended banner size for a campaign? Use an image / GIF with 1920 x 1080 pixels and under 2MB

  • Which chain networks does Intract support? - For ERC20 Reward - Polygon, Mumbai, Arbitrum, BSC, Fuse, Fuse testnet - For NFT Reward - Polygon, Mumbai, zkEVM, zkEVM testnet, BSC, Arbitrum, Base, Base Goerli, Linea, Zksync era mainnet, Zksync era testnet, opBNB, Scroll Sepolia

  • Which wallets are supported on Intract? Intract supports EVM-based wallets and WalletConnect

  • Despite completing Twitter tasks , why there is no increase in followers of twitter account or likes on tweets? At times, the lack of visible changes on Twitter, despite completing twitter tasks, can be due to the bugs with Twitter APIs

  • Where can I find leaderboards for communities and specific campaigns? - For Community Leaderboard: Visit > Explore > Communities - For Campaign Leaderboard: Login to, go to Campaigns, select the campaign, and click on Leaderboard

  • How to deploy an NFT ? - Visit - On the left panel of the dashboard , click on Deploy NFT - Choose Launch new NFT - Fill in the required details, including the NFT image (can be a GIF) - Click on Launch Contract > Start transaction - Complete the transaction to deploy your NFT

  • How to verify on-chain tasks on Intract? a. API Integration b. Proof of Work : - There arre 2 types of PoW tasks a. Upload file for admin to review - supports PDF , JPEG , PNG , TXT b. Upload text for admin to review - supports texts

  • How to create a campaign from scratch ? - Login to your workspace in - On left panel of the dashboard , go to the Campaign section - On top right side , click on Create campaign > Create from scratch

  • What is the difference between Test Mode and Preview ? Preview Mode - It allows you to preview the visual representation of the campaign i.e. to be able to see how the campaign will look like once its live on the platform Test Mode - It allows you to test the campaign i.e. to perform all tasks and test them before the campaign goes live on the platform

  • What all can be edited in an active campaign ? How can you edit the campaign ? You can edit the following in an active campaign : - Links of social tasks ( eg - twitter , discord , telegram ) - Campaign name - Campaign Description Steps to Edit an active campaign : - On left panel of the dashboard , go to the Campaign section - Click on the campaign you wish to edit - On top right , you will find a bar four of icons - Click on the second icon i.e. Edit Campaign - Now you can edit your active campaign

  • What all changes cannot be done in an active campaign ? - Banner Image - End Date of the campaign - Addition of a new task - Deleting an existing task

  • What action is behind ' Login ' in Metrics section ? Login in Metrics Section mean that the user landed on the campaign page

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