The Intract Edge

What are we building that sets us apart?

  1. Alpha assemble: A single app to aggregate all the Crypto twitter, telegram & discord alpha. Along with a repository of all official quests from across platforms.

  2. Actionable info: Get no BS crypto content that is highly actionable and rich with guided tutorials.

  3. Personalised guide: Receive personalised recommendations of next steps to do (for e.g. which community to interact with) basis your goals & on chain footprint leaderboard.

  4. Win fair: Win rewards via official community quests resistant to sybil attacks, raffle tampering & reward delays.

  5. Zero hassle timely support: Facing any txn issues while you quest? Our intelligent support system will help resolve these issues right on the web app.

  6. Gamified experience: Tune in to weekly Intract community challenges and win always (gems, loot boxes etc.)

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