About Intract

  • What is Intract ? Intract is a web3 growth platform to help you educate new users and build community engagement. We are backed by marquee web3 investors such as Matrix, gCC, BITKRAFT, MoonPay, Alpha Wave, Tokentus, Web3 Studios, among others. Explore our social media profiles to gain a deeper understanding of our platform . 🌐 :Website

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  • What is the current user count on Intract’s platform? The Intract platform currently boasts a user base of over 10 million verified on chain users

  • How many users can one expect in a campaign on the Intract platform? - The number of users in a campaign varies widely and is contingent on factors such as campaign complexity, ease of the campaign , and the size of the reward pool - Expectations can range from as low as 1000 users to as high as 1 million, with the actual number depending on the specific attributes of each campaign

  • How can you obtain co-marketing support to boost my campaign on Intract ? Advancing through the tiers of the Intract Credit System enables you to secure co-marketing support

  • What is the geographical distribution of users on the Intract platform? Take a peek at where our amazing users come from with this easy-to-follow pie chart that shows you just how many come from each part of the world. It highlights all the different places our platform has made a home

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