Best practices for Quest Creation

  • What are the different types of Quests ? Quests depend on the kind of tasks that you want to get completed. The tasks can be anything ranging from -

    • Social Quests: Social media likes, follows, RTs, Content Engagement

    • Community Quests: Community engagement & Community activation

    • Exploration (Learning) Quests: Quizzes, educational course completions, competitions, website visits, platform exploration

    • On-chain Quests: On-chain activities, Wallet connections, Mint NFT, etc. Quests, thus focus on building brand awareness, education, & boosting adoption for a Web3 project or protocol

  • What are the best practices to create a quest ?

    • Provide subtle guidance for users a. Keep the description self explanatory , you can even add video link in the description b. Description of the tasks should be easy to understand c. Avoid any type of spelling mistakes

    • Number of tasks per quest a. Do not have too many tasks in one single quest b. We recommend to keep 5 - 7 tasks in one campaign

    • Reward System a. Give per user a decent reward b. As per our best practices you should give a min. reward of 10 $ per user

    • Onchain tasks a. Give a clear and brief description for the task b. Test all your on chain tasks before launching the quest c. Check the Landing URL page is in place

    • Banner of the quest a. It should be minimalistic and readable b. We recommend to include the logo of your project and Intract

    • How to increase the engagement of users on your quest ?

      • Launch at least 1 quest in a week to keep the users engaged

      • Make an announcement in your discord channel and an announcement tweet on your twitter to get more traction over your quest

      • Include one retweet task of quest announcement in your quest

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