Reward Policy

Understand how we distribute rewards for quests

This policy aims to provide a clear understanding of how Intract distributes rewards for Web3 quests.

  1. What types of rewards can I get on completing Intract quests?

    You can be awarded with XPs, project tokens, stables, NFTs , secret code & white list rewards on Intract (decided by the partner project). Intract may additionally give out surprise "loot box" rewards.

  2. What are the possible eligibility criteria projects can set on Intract to define winners?

    Partner projects can choose between first come first serve (FCFS), lucky draw or unlimited reward criteria when setting up quests.

  3. Will the rewards be directly claimable on the Intract platform always?

    Depends on the quest & the partner project. But we are setting up processes to ensure most rewards get distributed directly on the Intract app. The following type of quests may not directly disburse rewards on Intract app:

    1. Quests with tasks requiring manual admin approval (screen shots etc.)

    2. Quests with tasks where projects define custom leaderboard (basis their platform data )

    3. Quests where the partner project has decided to distribute reward manually via their community channels or via Intract discord server

  4. How are lucky draw winners selected?

    We have currently set up an off chain random picker algorithm to decide quest winners in case of lucky draw. Here are a few additional salient details:

    1. Every user who completed the quest is entered into the lucky draw

    2. We are using a thoroughly randomised logic in line with standardised sampling methods (learn more).

    3. In case rewards are being distributed manually in our server & one winner has left the server, a second random picking is executed using the same logic to ensure only the connected users are in the selection.

    4. Principles of the Raffle System:

      • Equal opportunity for every participant

      • Designed to scale effortlessly as the user base grows

      • Ensures unbiased selection through:

        • Regular quality audits of our code

        • Continuous monitoring to prevent unintended biases

  5. I am facing some issues wrt to my reward. What to do next?

    Apologies for the inconvenience! Please raise a ticket through our website chat bot for quick resolution.

  6. What are some of the proposed future upgrades to make reward distribution fairer & more transparent?

    1. Platform-driven Direct Distribution:

      1. Collaborating with communities to allow more rewards to be disbursed directly via Intract.

    2. Innovative Ideas:

      1. Loot Boxes: These are instant redemption boxes containing rewards that users can open upon completing quests & achievements (unlike traditional raffles where users have to wait for campaign to end & get rewarded).

      2. Upgraded Bot Detection: Implementing a robust bot & sybil detection system (basis their questing & on chain behaviour) to weed out bot actors when picking winners.

      3. Platform chatbots: Resolving reward related queries right from the web app (no need of discord tickets).

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