Gems Economy

Role of gems within the Intract ecosystem

  1. What are gems?

    Gems are the virtual currency of Intract. Users can earn gems via platform actions & redeem them for useful perks.

  2. Why have gems been introduced?

    Gems have been introduced to gamify the Intract experience of it's users. It also acts as a good testing ground to understand the possibilities of tokenomics models within the Intract community.

  3. What are the ways to earn gems?

    As of today there are 2 major ways to earn gems

    1. Via refer to earn program

    2. Via loot boxes (they ll be distributed randomly to users)

    We will keep on adding more avenues to earn gems in the future.

  4. What perks do I get for acquiring gems?

    Acquiring gems will hold one or many of the following Intract perks

    1. Wild card entries into mega quests

    2. Reward multipliers

    3. Gas fee rebates within Intract

    4. Discounted lottery tickets

    5. Access to premium alpha content

    We will keep on adding more avenues to burn gems in the future.

  5. How is the earn & burn mechanism for gems decided?

    Given we are just starting, we are taking an iterative framework to refine the gem economy gradually with small experiments. We are open to community suggestions around best way to use gems, please reach out to us in our discord tickets.

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