All about Rewards

  • What are the different methods of Reward Distribution? a. Lucky Draw - A "Lucky Draw" is a random selection process where users have a chance to win the camping reward b. Leaderboard - A "Leaderboard" involves ranking users based on the number of XPs they have earned to win the campaign reward c. FCFS (First Come First Serve) - First Come First Serve" means that users who are earliest to complete the campaign wins the reward

  • How to allocate different reward types in the same campaign? - Navigate and Select the ' Rewards Details ' - Select the combination of rewards you want to distribute ( for eg. ERC20 tokens and Discord role ) - Fill in the required details Note : The reward distribution method for both the reward types and number of winners remain the same.

  • How to allocate Discord Role as a reward? - On left panel of the dashboard , navigate ' Integrations ' - Scroll down > Other Integrations - Connect Discord - Now you will be able to give Discord Role as a reward

  • How to Submit Reward if the reward is distributed in ERC20 tokens ? - Choose reward method, chain, token, and number of winners. - Click "Directly Launch" and confirm by clicking "Confirm and Continue" - Approve tokens to complete the process

  • How to distribute reward in your own token? - Ensure your token is on a supported chain - You need to add you Custom Token in your workspace

  • How to add / delete your custom token in your workspace ? - To add your custom token - Login to your workspace in - On left panel of the dashboard , go to the Tools Section > Custom Tokens - Click on Create Token - A pop - up will appear on the screen , fill in all the required details - Click on Add Token

    • Your request for your custom token will go under the ' Under Review ' tab

    • The TAT for approval of your custom token is 24 hours for sanity check

    • Once the team checked your token , it will reflect under ' Approved / Rejected ' tab

    - To delete your custom token - Login to your workspace in - On left panel of the dashboard go to Tools Section > Custom token - Under the ' Actions ' tab , click on the ' Delete ' button

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