Airdrops on Intract

A list of airdrops that the Intract Community has been eligible for since Jan '24 ( not exhaustive)

  1. $ZKFAIR to the zkEVM Saga questers

  2. $FOXY Foxy Linea: 1% of circulation

  3. $MERL Merlin (the first ever Bitcoin L2 airdrop quest): 40k $MERL

  4. $MSN Meson Network: 30k $MSN

  5. $AVAIL: by all the Polygon zkEVM saga OGs on Intract

  6. $MODE: Over 40% of the total volume and nearly half of the top recipients were from Intract

  7. $ZERO tokens: 210 million tokens distributed to the community

  8. $ISLM: Islamic coin token

  9. $MANTA: token of the Manta Pacific chain , to all Manta questers

  10. $SAGA: L1 on Cosmos

PS: More than 3 miliion $+ worth of tokens were distributed to the Intract community in April 2024 alone.

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