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Challenges & Solutions

Our approach to fix the ecosystem

Growth in web3 is a huge mess.

The current challenges of growth in this space are many.
1) Web2 marketing ≠ Web3 marketing.
The traditional tactics being used in web2 are now a relic of the past. With newer definitions emerging around identities and values in web3 - an immense focus on user privacy and autonomy has arisen. This means most actions taken around users as part of the traditional marketing grind have no place in this rabbit hole. We need a huge revamp.
2) No method to the madness.
Web3 is a largely fragmented space. Most strategies used today end up onboarding opportunistic lurkers who’re here to rip you off of your airdrops and giveaways. This ends up gathering communities of users who give you little to no RoI. You don’t want to be the scapegoat here.
3) Something new every day.
Web3 adoption is already outpacing internet adoption from its early days - at a staggering 137% vs 76% annual growth rate. There’s a good chance you’ll end up seeing a new theory on growth in web3 while you scroll through Crypto Twitter today. A sane person cannot possibly keep track of all (meaningful and relevant) breakthroughs in this space.
4) But what (really) works?
The geniuses of Crypto Twitter will have you believe that they’ve stumbled across the dark horse of all web3 growth playbooks last night. You’ll have to go through the grind of trying it out yourself, or patiently wait for someone to fail before you. Out of all the growth tools that can be used to gain web3 traction, most of them haven’t been built yet - or least of all, haven’t even been thought of. Web3 marketing is currently a game of trial and error.

Let us help.

We don’t want to leave you hanging after ranting about your own problems to you. Here’s how we want to help.
1) The best of the best.
We’re here to build an exclusive community of web3 growth experts. Since you’re the average of the folks you’re surrounded by - we bring to you the best minds in the space to mingle with. Your network becomes your net worth.
2) Tools for you, by you.
Free access to top-tier in-house growth products built at Intract, and advised by the best marketers, growth leaders, and biz devs (you). Products of the community, by the community, and for the community.
3) All the alpha you need.
Having access to the right expertise can make or break your web3 growth sprints. It stands an utmost priority at Intract to give the community access to the best nuggets of web3 growth - distilled in the form of guides, playbooks, panel discussions, expert interviews, or product teardowns. Know the best, know the most, know the earliest.
4) Lead & earn.
Contributors to the community have a special place reserved in heaven, in our hearts, and even in the community purse ;)
We’re soon to have a system in place that will allow community members to earn rewards and reputation, in a permissionless and decentralized manner.