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A suite of growth marketing tools
The Intract community offers you priority access to the following in-house products:
The simplest way to build token-gated communities.
Create exclusive channels in your Discord for your token holders. Encourage your members to connect wallets by offering direct communication and premium perks to your power users. Analyze the on-chain & social activity of your community to optimize your marketing strategy.
We've so far created an exclusive comms channel for >10k wallets; saving 80% of the time for moderators. Get Started for Free
Measure and improve your community's most important KPIs.
Follow what your users say on Discord, how they feel on Twitter, and how they int(e)ract with your protocol - all within the first-of-its-kind Web3 CRM. Track your HODLers’ behavior, build lookalike audiences, identify the right partnerships, KOLs, and much more. Generate actionable reports to optimize your marketing spend.
We've tracked > 1M community events, and have delivered a 40%+ uptick in daily activity across 2 months.
Identify and scale your high ROI marketing efforts without infringing on users' privacy. Embed our best-in-class SDK directly into your website to track all your marketing campaigns (KOLs, partnerships, referrals, etc).
Understand CAC:LTV ratios and pay only for real quality users (no bots and airdrop farmers allowed).
We've so far helped save 10% in CAC for a Gamefi launch via a Twitter KOL network.
Targeted Airdrops (coming soon)
Identify and target relevant on-chain audiences for your project with high RoI airdrops.
Leverage our proprietary data-science model to get on-chain user recommendations. Engage with users both via on-chain alerts, and social channels. Distinguish the whales from irrelevant bots, hunters, and lurkers for targeted whitelists and airdrops.
+ a whole suite of new marketing tools coming soon…