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Why Should You Join?

Perks & benefits for contributors
Let us reiterate: all our community members have a shared responsibility toward a common goal - building the future of growth in web3. And in return, have the privilege to enjoy rewards.
In order to be successful, the community must be both for and by the community; not for passive spectators. We are looking for top-tier marketing, biz dev, and growth experts passionate about web3. But don’t worry, you can scale efforts based on your capacity :)
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  • Get a front-row seat to the evolution of growth in web3 🍿
  • Sip coffee and network with growth experts while attending weekly fireside chats 👩🏻‍🏫
  • Contribute to the community and earn a real yield💲
  • Learn new trends in web3 growth and leverage them to scale your projects 🤝
  • Get free access to all web3 growth tools you want us to build 🗣