Refer to Earn

Refer users & earn Intract gems

If you are someone who loves sharing web3 alpha with your friends & network, this is the perfect "Referral program' for you.

How to generate my referral link?

Visit & copy your referral link.

What is a Valid referral?

  1. The user you refer must complete at least 1 Intract Quest when they land via your referral link.

  2. The user you refer must also have at least two of their social identities connected ( twitter, discord, telegram) - don't want to reward BOTS.

What rewards do I get?

For every new user referred -> 5 Gems

For every old user referred (who comes back) -> 1 Gem

What are gems?

Gems are the virtual currency of Intract (different & much rarer than XPs) . You can earn gems by contributing meaningfully (via referrals for e.g.). Accumulated gems can be burnt to receive $ rewards, wild card entries into mega quests, gas fee rebates etc. Read more here.

Is there a max limit to the gems I can earn?

In a month, you can earn a maximum of 200 Gems.

But what if I referred a lot of users (hence eligible for more than 200 gems) ?

This means you are a super referrer of Intract. You'd be eligible to the following additional perks:

  1. Access to exclusive super referrer channel in Intract discord server

  2. Eligibility for long term paid ambassador program

  3. Additional referral bonus.

Please open a discord ticket to discuss next steps with us (this applies to all Polygon zkEVM Saga super referrers as well as your XPs have been converted into gems reward).

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