Referrals Season 1 & 2

Hey Intract Champion,

Firstly, a hat-tip 🎩 to your unparalleled spirit during our Intract Referral Program Season 1. As a token of gratitude and recognition, we've earmarked a slice of our $5,000 reward pool for you.

Reward Pot Details:

  • Total Allocation: 5,000 USDC for the top 150 referrers 🪙

Process to Claim Rewards:

  1. You should’ve accumulated over 40 referrals on the Intract platform

  2. For your first 40 referrals, you’ll earn up to 200 gems, our internal currency within the Intract economy - which you can view in your Intract profile.

  3. Any referrals beyond that will earn you extra $ based on your leaderboard ranking.

  4. Rank 1 earns $400, rank 2 earns $300, rank 3 earns $250, and so on….

  5. Please note all the XPs you earned from referrals have now been upgraded into gems + $

  6. In order to claim your rewards, simply complete this form and you’ll receive in your wallet.

  7. If you don’t receive your reward, please contact the mod in our Discord for support.

Intract: Referrals - Season 2 🌌

  • Earn more $ in the leaderboard hall of fame 🏆

  • Gain the golden ticket - VIP access to sagas such as zkEVM Saga and Linea Voyage

  • Rack up more Intract gems with utility within the Intract economy

  • We also have an exclusive sneak peak into Alpha Hub for your community

Ready for another wild ride? Grab your referral link & earn now!

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